Need assistance from a server admin or op to....

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Need assistance from a server admin or op to....

Postby iNToIT » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:57 pm

...register an "official" spam complaint with a 3rd party BNC service provider, so the provider might behave responsibly about their users behaving abusively.

An admin or op from would be best, as the spammer was using it at the time.

Long story short:
Spammer spams #help, using BNC service
I report spammer to BNC service owner
BNC service owner repeatedly tries to rebuff complaint
BNC service owner sticks to "a network rep should have some form of official validation i nthe form of a proper staff email" (I never claimed to be a network rep.)

Yes, I'm tilting at windmills. I think it's a windmill worth lancing. I'd appreciate the assist. I'll be happy to provide logs. At worst, they're mildy amusing.

Please /msg me if you're willing to help. I'm usually in #helpchat


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Re: Need assistance from a server admin or op to....

Postby munky » Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:14 pm

if you're looking for an oper, try /stats p, or /stats p we don't require opers to read the forum, so it should not be used as a method of contacting opers.
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