Grudge G-lined by rogue OP?

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Grudge G-lined by rogue OP?

Postby Squibz » Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:56 am

When I connect to IRC, I now get this: *** G-lined *** Banned spamming (2009/7/5 22.23)
First, I'm really not all that sure about this network, but I would assume that OPs are not allowed to G-line users out of personal grudges. If they are - then please let me know and I won't continue to post, otherwise, I thought it would be a good idea to bring this to the attention of whoever is in charge of the OPs (OP OP? hehe)

There was a dispute that involved a guy who stole some money from people in the #poker channel, and when I called him out on it, he got angry and somehow either G-lined me using OP powers or found someone to do it for him.

I've posted the chat logs here, the guy who banned me for "spamming" or who got someone to ban me on his behalf, is "inco":
[19:01] <inco> time 2 smoke
[19:01] <bbz_Ghost> Sounds like a prop bet just waiting to happen
[19:01] <+PIvey> Me first, Nigga!
[19:01] <cmaker> fuck Larry King
[19:02] <bbz_Ghost> Lodden Thinks... ugh
14[19:02] <Squibz> inco who let you back in here?
[19:02] <inco> heh
14[19:02] <Squibz> (i don't appreciate you trying to steal from me, by teh way)
[19:02] <Matador>
[19:02] <Matador> sucked out :(
[19:04] <inco> got a oz for 200
[19:04] <inco> of some dank
[19:05] <HuckWeed> nice
14[19:06] <Squibz> wtf
14[19:06] <Squibz> you're bragging about stealing
14[19:06] <Squibz> seriously
[19:06] <HuckWeed> inco ripped you off?
[19:06] <inco> bullshit
14[19:07] <Squibz> HuckWeed no but he's a scammer and that's why he was banned
14[19:07] <Squibz> he was trying to rip people off
[19:07] <inco> Squibz
[19:07] <inco> eat a dick
15[19:07] * bsr (bsr@redacted) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14[19:07] <Squibz> don't like it? don't steal from people
[19:07] <Matador> g'nite boys
14[19:07] <Squibz> jesus christ
14[19:07] <Squibz> it's pretty simple
[19:08] <Matador> (and gals)
15[19:08] * bsr (bsr@redacted) has joined #poker
[19:08] <inco> your on ignore
[19:08] <inco> k thx die
[19:08] <Matador> these newVPP tables are pretty cool
14[19:08] <Squibz> lol
14[19:09] <Squibz> Matador why did that guy get unbanned/
[19:09] <Matador> who?
14[19:09] <Squibz> inco
14[19:09] <Squibz> he seriously stole from someone in here
[19:09] <Matador> no clue dude..
[19:09] <Matador> I'm not an op... what can I do ?
14[19:09] <Squibz> guh
14[19:09] <Squibz> i guess i'll get a mod to boot him again
14[19:09] <Squibz> when one gest in
[19:10] <Matador> inco is a degen
[19:10] <Matador> who would honestly trade with him ?
[19:10] <inco> ive been here for 7 years Matador
[19:10] <inco> youve been here since tilt
14[19:10] <Squibz> lol
14[19:10] <Squibz> how does that change the fact that he's a thief
[19:10] <Matador> not sure how long I've been here
[19:10] <inco> since Tilt
[19:10] <inco> the show
[19:10] <+PIvey> the show is startin soon
[19:11] <inco> i remember when you joined
15[19:11] * bbz_Ghost (~bbz.ghost@redacted) Quit
[19:11] <Matador> and I've been on EfNet since 94 or something, since
[19:11] <Matador> who cares
[19:11] <Matador> my e-penis is bigger than yours
[19:12] <Matador> Squibz: you 'trade' with inco ? how much you lose ?
[19:12] <inco> squibz does this every couple weeks
[19:12] <inco> goes on a tyrade about inco
[19:12] <inco> he didnt lose shit Matador
[19:12] <inco> i dont rip ppl off
[19:12] <Matador> I'm not saying one or the other inco
[19:13] <Matador> I am not judge or jury here, or making an opinion at this point with on evidence
[19:13] <Matador> and I don't even want evidence
[19:13] <inco> lol
[19:13] <Matador> I'm going to pass out any moment
[19:13] <inco> so HuckWeed
[19:13] <inco> how do i clone my mother
14[19:13] <Squibz> Matador ask vale if you're curious
[19:13] <inco> razr blade
[19:13] <inco> ?
14[19:14] <Squibz> sorry - but if there's one thing that i can't stand, it's stealing
[19:14] <Matador> Squibz: next time use a intermediary
[19:14] <tweik>
14[19:14] <Squibz> i didn't do a trade with him
[19:14] <tweik> lol
[19:14] <Matador> tweik: I think it was
14[19:14] <Squibz> but he was trying really hard to do one with me
14[19:14] <Squibz> and i don't appreciate it
[19:14] <tweik> i am more oldschool than that
[19:14] <tweik>
[19:14] <inco>
[19:14] <inco> go to my kidney stones site
[19:15] <Matador> if I was any more oldschool, I would have come on efnet during grade school
[19:15] <inco>
[19:15] <Matador> but thats just not possible
[19:15] <inco> my nickel company
[19:15] <Matador> inco: after seeing you stack off so light disregarding basic BR management....
[19:15] <Matador> I seriously doubt you can even rub 2 nickels together...
[19:16] <inco> :)
[19:16] <tweik> lol ya man my first day on efnet was the summer before grade 7
[19:16] <Matador> in fact, I would guess you are probably stealing electricity from your neighbour somehow... as well as the internet
[19:16] <inco> spot on
[19:16] <inco> i cracked 2 wifi's
[19:17] <tweik> my friend from school was runnin
[19:17] <Matador> anyway, thats enough fail talk for 1 day
[19:17] <tweik> good times
[19:17] <tweik> good nerd times
14[19:17] <Squibz> holy moly
[19:17] <+PIvey> i guess holy moly is 14/7/1.8
14[19:17] <Squibz> people are terrible at omaha
14[19:17] <Squibz> my winrate is through the roof
[19:17] <Matador> tweik : you remember when FXP was 1337 ? :)
[19:18] <tweik> nope
[19:18] <Matador> hehehe
[19:18] <Matador> connected at shit inet speeds, but could xfer shit between FTPs fast :)
15[19:18] * vagio (~vagio@redacted) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[19:18] <Matador> to me, that was so unreal
[19:18] <Matador> (back in the day)
14[19:19] <Squibz> lol jesus christ
14[19:19] <Squibz> this is the sickest ever
14[19:19] <Squibz> why didn't i start playing omaha earlier :(
[19:20] <tweik> when people play omaha and get on a win streak
[19:20] <tweik> they tend to end up losing 300% when they talk about how easy it is
[19:20] <Matador> :> :) :) :) :) :)
[19:20] <inco> :O
14[19:20] <Squibz> tweik haha, that may be
14[19:20] <Squibz> even so that'll be like $30
14[19:20] <Squibz> lol
14[19:20] <Squibz> i'm playing NL4
14[19:20] <Squibz> won like $50
14[19:20] <Squibz> 2 tabling
14[19:20] <Squibz> in an hour
[19:21] <Matador> Seat 3: GQgen (big blind) showed [Kh Qs] and won ($7180) with a straight, Ten to Ace
[19:21] <Matador> one day maybe I'll be on the $25/50 NLHE tables :)
[19:22] <tweik> Squibz is gonna be a $200/$400 PLO online pro like durrr
14[19:22] <Squibz> rofl
14[19:22] <Squibz> while to go i'd say
[19:23] <tweik> hey he only started playin $6
[19:23] <tweik> if you are up $50 in 1 hr id say you doin better than him
14[19:23] <Squibz> tweik yeah, but durrr's life is just one massive rungood
14[19:23] <Squibz> except aussie millions
14[19:23] <Squibz> lol
[19:23] <Matador> night boys+gals
[19:23] <inco> Squibz enjoy the 12 hour gline ;p
[19:23] <Matador> gl on the felt
15[19:23] * pAntonius sets mode: -b *!*@redacted
15[19:23] * jChan sets mode: -b *!*@redacted
15[19:23] * Squibz ( Quit (Connection closed)
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Re: Grudge G-lined by rogue OP?

Postby vx0 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:37 pm

Long, boring paste aside, g:lines only last for 24 hours.

Wait for it.

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