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Conection problem

Postby lgot » Thu Jan 22, 2004 4:25 am

Hey, since 2 days ago I am having problem to conect to any EFNET servers, evne those i used to conect (I am from Brazil, so I can not use all of them).
Either a D-lined warning shows up or a [10053]Software caused connection abort.
What is wrong and how can I use mIRC to to use EFNET servers again ? (or there is a list that a brazilian located person can use that I am not aware ?)
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Re: Conection problem

Postby Beige » Thu Jan 22, 2004 12:21 pm

lgot wrote:Hey, since 2 days ago I am having problem to conect to any EFNET servers, evne those i used to conect (I am from Brazil, so I can not use all of them).
Regrettably, some IP ranges tend to be blacklisted/firewalled more easily, because there's more abuse than legitimate user traffic emanating from them. Even so, it'd be relatively unusual for an IP range to be banned on all servers simultaneously.

First thing to try:

There are a few dozen *.br users on and, so it might be worth trying these servers. The best approach might simply be to keep reconnecting on the EFnet-wide DNS forward, as that should keep your client reconnecting to different servers until one lets you on (i.e. /server

If the above fails:

- Check that your computer is appropriately configured for Internet use. If you have a Socks proxy on the system, make sure it's not possible to access from the outside world (servers would typically auto-ban your IP for open proxies, as these can be abused by others).
- Run a virus scanner to make sure you don't have any Trojans/backdoors that servers might auto-ban for.
- If you have identd enabled, make sure you don't have any odd characters in it. Only use a-z and 0-9, as most servers will reject ident characters such as _ (i.e. ident@your.ip).
- If you don't have identd, make sure the same (about characters) applies to whatever you use as your unidented username (i.e. ~username@your.ip).

And if the above fails:

- Mail me on beige(AT)blessed(DOT)net with your IP/hostname (do not post it on this public forum), and I'll establish what the exact problem is. You should also be able to use the forum software's private message function to leave me a private note, if e-mail is an unattractive option for you.

Good luck,

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Postby Osc » Thu Jan 22, 2004 2:22 pm

as far as the 10053 error goes...

This is an error that is generated by winsock (wsock32.dll) and is simply being passed on by mirc. This error has nothing to do with irc or mirc per se. This error means that, somewhere between you and the other end of your connection, the connection was interupted.

Some of the errors from the wsock32.dll file:
@Connection reset by peer%0
PSoftware caused connection abort%0
,Network is down%0

mirc gets this error and just passes it to you.

If you have any interest in seeing where this error might show up other than within mirc: Notice -- Osc ( is now an operator
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