Updated Trojan Cleaner for Windows Users

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Updated Trojan Cleaner for Windows Users

Postby Handle With Care » Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:39 pm

For Windows users only, Moosoft, maker of The Cleaner, which is one of the easiest-to-use and most effective trojan scanner, has just released The Cleaner 2011, or, if you prefer, Version 7, at http://www.moosoft.com

Anybody using any aspect of the internet, which includes IRC, should be well-protected. Many people get confused about viruses and trojans and other types of malware, as well as what to do about them. The exact distinction between a virus, trojan, spyware/scumware, etc. gets pretty technical. It is sufficient to know there is a difference, and that becomes important to identify and clean them.

In my experience, one should not depend on any one program, and should be aware that various scanners and cleaners, especially the supposed all-purpose suites, should not be depended upon to identify and clean everything. Whatever else they detect and clean, an anti-virus program is made mostly for viruses, and if it identifies/cleans another type of malware, it shouldn't be depended upon to do that job, regardless of what their advertising may say to the contrary.

I recommend the absolute minimum one should depend upon to cover all the known types of malware as:

1: Anti-virus scanner
2: Anti-trojan scanner
3: Anti-spyware
4: Firewall

It should also be remembered that NOTHING is 100% effective. The general wisdom in the area is that one program will keep you about 90% protected, two programs will keep you about 95% protected, and three will keep you about 98% protected. After that, it is a matter of diminishing returns. Of course, nothing will protect you if you do not:

1: Properly configure the program to scan for all files. This is almost never the default setting, as the advertising/promotions departments insist on speed over efficacy.
2: Keep it updated (many update their signature files several times a day, daily, or about once a month).
3: This last one should be obvious: Use it! You wouldn't believe how many infected users I help that, when asked, claim they have protection, but no, they didn't know they actually had to use it.

In EFnet's #dmsetup (We are not associated with any other network's #dmsetup channel), we recommend the following, which cleans the vast majority of the infecteds who come to us:

********* PLEASE FOLLOW EACH STEP CAREFULLY!!!!!!!! If you skip a step ********* IT WILL NOT WORK!! *********
1) Download the program cleaner7_setup.exe from http://www.moosoft.com/cleaner7/cleaner7_setup.exe or ftp.moosoft.com in /pub and remember where you save it.
2) Run cleaner7_setup.exe to install the program.
3) Run The Cleaner by clicking on the desktop icon created.
4) Press the Update tab then the Check for Updates button.
5) Close The Cleaner and reboot your computer into Safe Mode -- If you do not know how to boot into Safe Mode, instructions are at http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ts ... 2409420406
6) Unplug your modem during the scan. If on a LAN, all stations should be disconnected from each other and scanned separately, as many trojans now love to mess with local networks.
7) When your computer reboots:
a) Start The Cleaner AS STEP 3,
b) Select Scan,
c) Select Full Scan and Use Heuristics,
d) Select Start,
e) Select all your drives and then select Ok.
When you are finished with the above, reboot again, plug your modem back in, and update your Windows at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
Finally, change ALL your passwords, as they may have been seen by every hacker in the world.
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