Connecting to Efnet.. then my internet connection stops!

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Having the same problem...

Postby roi972 » Thu May 19, 2005 1:13 pm

Different hardware - but +- the same problem with any EFnet server. (dalnet & other networks it doesn't happend).

The problem: Once connecting - it gets to the MOTD & the my router just reboots - lights flicker & it reconnects to the internet.
I've tried a few things : with & w/o firewall / DMZ on & off / updating router firmware .
W/o the router (i.e- connected directley to the modem - it works fine - connects & all ok).

My router is dlink 714p+ / Win XP SP2 / Firewall - Zonealarm.

I've contacted dlink support but thay don't have a sollution at this point.

I'm guessing it's got to do with the open-proxy test the Efnet server preform on connection. Probably causing my router to go crazy and thus reboot itself.
Is there anything new in the open-proxy test that has been implemented recentley?

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