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Connecting to EFNET

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 2:26 pm
by Sunny
im kinda new to this. Everytime i try to connect to an EFNET channel it keeps saying:

* Connecting to (6667)
ERROR You have been D-lined.
* Disconnected

ne ideas why that keeps happening to me? My ISP is NTL.

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 2:31 pm
by orange1
try connecting to a different server [], and do a /stats p
msg an active oper to find out why your IP was dlined. chances are, somebody who had your IP recently was causing mischief or had a drone.

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 5:37 pm
by Noam
Since your british, you should try for best conditions.

Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2004 7:54 am
by HM2K
Move this to the help section?

try or as suggested.