[rant] efnet frauders and ddosers and blah

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[rant] efnet frauders and ddosers and blah

Postby 3597 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:57 pm

yes, some of you opers may know me as a ddos kiddie and other things but i did manage to change some of my ways over the years.

i launched a hosting company, we handled irc shells, ircds, bncs, web hosting, game servers and web development. i had a total of 5 boxes. all of which i had paid with my credit card via paypal. my business account in paypal was only a month old and i had gotten 4 frauds already for ircd customers. because of this paypal put ahold on over 2k of my money (i was getting ready to make my monthly server payments) and they also chargebacked my uplink, making my account past due for over 2 months. of cource my uplink was forced to shut down my servers.

i was hosting 2 free ircds on large networks in hopes of bringing more people to what i and most of you consider a second home. those are now gone.

i also got massive ddos attacks on the ips of the free ircds i hosted. my name servers were ddos'd at random as well, effecting my whole network at times.

all these kids that get on irc don't realize that most of us that do things such as host servers (ircds, shell companys) are NOT making much profit. when alot of companies recieve massive ddos attacks they either pay for the bandwidth (forcing them to pull the plug from irc) or they company hosting them pulls them off the network.

on the otherside, the kids who fraud to get 3-4 days worth of a bnc or eggdrop don't realize that this effects as well. because my paypal business account was only 1 month old paypal looked at the odds, i think i had a total of 4 frauds in 1 month span.

now i am out over 2,000 USD, my uplink got screwed. it's really sad because i put in ALOT of work for this. making custom game server panels for my customers, custom user panels for users to maintain their eggdrops/bncs all via secure http site. i've been on irc since around 1992 (netcom days and before) and this is what i get.

sadly i don't see myself trying to give anything to the irc community anytime again soon. hopefully some of these kids will learn one day the things they are doing are making it harder and harder for people to offer services for them to do what they want.

i'm just tired of this bullshit and had to rant.. prolly makes no sense.
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Postby evil » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:11 pm

Since you are an admitted (former or future) packet kiddie, what goes around comes around.
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Postby 3597 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:49 pm

lmfao, i was gonna add something like

"what comes around goes around"


still, my point was i now understand how alot of you admins of irc servers and such feel.
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Postby phisher1 » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:46 pm

Welcome to my world!

I get ddosed everyday..and its usually because of shawn.. or cid or baadshah or the asshole of the week..

I've been extorted for money several times so that the attacks would stop..
Haha... I mean, we've got teenage cyber terrorists at every corner!

The most recent extortion I got was from someone with the nickname know1. Any of you know him? Ya, he's a little son of a bitch too.. Wanting money in exchange for uhh removing shawn from his ddos IRCD. What a fucking joke..
And then the silly kid can't get an ftp server working in #help.. asks for help, I refuse to connect to his FTP server.. then magiclly 10 minutes later, my server goes down! Wheee!

You better not piss off the kid with the big water gun! He'll spray you!!!
.. Because thats all you got kiddies.. a big water gun..

Personally, I think they are all a bunch of kids with too much time on their hands..

As far as the fraud goes.. yup.. I get frauds all the time and sadly Paypal doesn't have a way to report those frauds, only to report that someone used your account to commit fraud. You can go through paypal's conviluted help system and find where they give you directions for reporting fraud payments to you as the seller, but EHHHHHHHH the directions they give you point to options on the screen that aren't there! Nice job paypal. And don't dare try calling that pos company.. you'll be talking to frank the automated douche bag for 4 hours..

Anyway... </rant>

I feel for ya idlez.. If it weren't for those meddling kids!!
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Postby orange1 » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:54 pm

munky would remember the history better than i, but when he was helping run a shell server, they got quite a few frauds. paypal is a bad way to go for frauds, they just try to get money from you.
first and best thing to do is not accept any orders from romania. after that, manually check all orders. then get some kind of insurance against fraud. then stop running a shell server because it's costing you too much money.

Postby seiki » Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:33 pm

most of the decent shell companys that I know of do an elaborate pre-screening process before giving out access to the signup page. It includes a telephone conversation, and a few other tricks to help ensure you're really talking to the credit card holder.

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Postby evil » Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:00 am

As a shell "user" I have experienced a variety of verifications. Also I see the other end of the spectrum as well. There are a lot (but not most) of fraud from shell providers. One of the first things I do when shopping for a shell is to go to the support channel and see how many known kiddies are sitting in there. If I recognize any of them I will move on to the next, especially if the kiddies are oped in the support channel. There was even a shell company that was being run by a group of people (some of which were ircops) that turned out to be untrustworthy and have been log since gone out of business. So the fraud exists on both ends. So let the buyer beware? and beware of the buyer? Just my observations.

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