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OZ from irc@desync.com

Postby 4093 » Sat Nov 18, 2006 11:15 pm

Hi all,
I was pretty annoyed by what happened to me this evening on efnet. I shall paste the log here and can you tell me if I was in the wrong.

<log deleted, as it's against the rules>
It was quite true my mum did pass away last month. But my question is how can you have immature people like this being an ircop for efnet?

It is a sad day on efnet when I see this.

I joined the efnet channel to complain but as I imagined no-one was bothered.

Pills and all I only wish you guys get better people on your network I know its a big place and ppl do it for nothing but actions like that are just unacceptable.

anyways enough ranting

Peace guys
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Postby Pills » Sun Nov 19, 2006 10:50 pm

As we've said time and time again on here, this is not a place to complain about opers. If you want to complain, /admin the oper in question (or his server), and write to them.
admin, irc.umich.edu
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Postby HM2K » Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:34 pm

oz rocks your socks.

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