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# How long you have been on EFnet: since 1994
# Why you are still on EFnet (or why did you leave): I like mayhem and have lots of friends on efnet
# What would keep you from leaving: continued stability
# What would make you leave EFnet (if implemented): If I stayed through daily lagkills/hacked ops/hacking ops back, etc.. I can't imagine what would make me leave.
# (new) What do you think would help attract more people to EFnet? Who cares? Really. Are we glad that we got droves of AOL users? If EFNet were in danger of drying up and being passed on as irrelevant or antiquated, then it's a fair question, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

So here's my efnet wishlist to make us more relevant so we can grow! :
- gateway bots between secondlife and myspace, so we can communicate and lolz with all our friends
- a new extension that finally implements the ability to embed animated avatars within our nicks, so that clients could eventually support something so cool!
- IRC -> RSS gateway so i can just check whats going on in my favorite channels on my blackberry, eventually embedding this into the corporate dashboard i use with stock tickers etc.
- EFNet Myspace and Faceoff partnering so we can bring in more of the unwashed masses!
- Weekly skype teleconferences to explore possible synergies from evolving and converging technologies, culminating in a serendipitous climax of killer applications we can call EFNet 2.0.

But seriously.. There are a few things I'd like:

- I like the idea of address mangling/"hiding", but it's hard to picture how it would work well, and keep addresses truly private, without breaking DCC. How do you hide the true address from clients and still allow unfettered client to client access via dcc (which is sort of an abomination anyway, but that's another story) ?
- I REALLY like the idea of client<>server SSL, and server links also protected by SSL. In this day and age that is the one thing I really don't like about efnet, is its wide-openness. Wait. I like that too. But I also don't. SSL good.
- I would really love the ability to use TOR.. to register, to somehow prove that I am who I say I am (behind the scenes), and have the ability to use a passworded I: in order to use TOR .. but I realize that the abuse this could open up probably makes it impossible. (anyone want to hook a brother up? =)

all that said, i like the stability since TS went into effect (and all the later improvements).. keep things like they are more or less, and i'll keep coming back.

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Postby Dario » Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:51 am

Been around since '94

Not sure much can be done to improve IRC in general or EFnet specifically. Mudds are mostly gone. IRC given way to the gui chats.

As we have all seen over this time the "NET" has created more ways to be yourself!

You see many specialized IRC networks now.

EFnet has always stood for freedom to me! ;-) In the old days it really proved the do unto other principle!

I chatted for years without having any problems because for the most part I was nice.

When I did have some problems it was usually when I was being a dick! ;-)

I have learned to live with the spam. Usually not that bad for me. Not on many really BIG channels.

I usually advise people to take responsibility for yourself and learn to /ignore. Took me years to learn. If I really have learned this! ;-)

What would make me leave....hmmmn if services where implemented. Chanfix is bad enough. ;-)

If I lost my cheap shell account! ;-)

I thought I would give up when I was not able to shell whore anymore. ;-)

I have seen the psuedo politics of many associations blow up the group dynamics. It has been a good education. Kind of makes you realize why politics does not work on a larger basis!!

My big wish. Keep the RULES to a minimum. Then you do not have people screaming. "So and SO did this!! It is clearly stated in Article II that noone should do XXXX" Live and let live. Do no harm to others. ;-)
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Postby emmi » Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:42 am

MSN smilies.
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less oper abuse plz. Its not called Eris FREE Net for nothing
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Re: Your EFnet wishlist

Postby luminoso » Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:08 pm

i love the way that efnet is simple
no fakemask, no chanserv/nickserv/etc

i just miss the SSL support..
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I second the comment on services ...

Postby skrizatch » Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:17 am

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Re: Your EFnet wishlist

Postby TeamAimee » Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:40 am


What would make me leave efnet is if I unsuccessfully tried to take a channel...and then cried about it to efnet admins on the efnet forum and got called out for being a whiney fucking douchebag!!!!!!111111111

You know what, I am going to go sailing, sailing ALWAYS makes me feel better.

ps. lucky im going SAILING

pps. oh HAY..did I mention Im going sailing?

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