What's the secret?

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What's the secret?

Postby evil » Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:59 pm

There are two issues I'd like to discuss.

1. An issue came up that indicated if you were on a specific server and tried to join a specific channel you would get k-lined without warning. I then attempted to contact the only oper that wasn't idle for that server and was told (after messaging the oper 4 times over a 3 month time period) to do /admin. I did the /admin command and an email address came up. I sent an email to that address only to have it come back 3 times. I tried to understand what the conversations between servers were telling me and I realized my email was rejected as "spam" by the end users mail server. After carefully examining the email I sent I realized the "spam" was the name of the irc server. I resent the email and carefully removed any reference to the server I was talking about by using "your server" or "the server". After doing all of this nothing was done to resolve this issue and I never received any response to my email.

2. There is a spammer floating around on proxies spamming a link to a virus/trojan. I found out what port the proxy was using and I connected to it myself. I sent a message with the link to every anti-spam bot that I could find from my logs (I think I only came up with 7 even though I'm sure there are more). After getting no action I then started messaging a few opers with the same link and still nothing happened.

So my question is "What's the secret to getting anything constructive done on efnet?"
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Re: What's the secret?

Postby munky » Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:47 pm

for problems with spam, try #spamfix if you can't find an oper on the server in which the spambot is using.

if it's a regularly recurring spam, they can usually get a pattern added to the spamtrap bots to help deal with it. messaging a spamtrap bot isn't going to accomplish anything.
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