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IRC Operator abuse

Postby swaccy » Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:46 am


I have been connecting to EFnet from a while regulary now and today I have got abused by an ircoperator (oz) who has /killed me several times without any reason. And yes I mean it, without any reason. I didnt even talk to him and I dont know him. By the time I joined #chanfix (to get some help regarding a specific channel) I got the first /kill after very few seconds, and then when I return back to talk to him, he was being so rude and killed me for the second time (without any reasons) and then again and gain. And till now, I swear god I dont know why I am getting killed on this network by this oper.

Here's a logs to show you the abuse:

Session Start: Sat Jul 04 11:51:55 2009
Session Ident: #chanfix
02[11:51] * Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Jul 04 11:51:56 2009

Session Start: Sat Jul 04 11:52:22 2009
Session Ident: #chanfix
03[11:52] * Now talking in #chanfix
03[11:52] * Topic is 'FAQ: - Read the FAQ - State channel and problem - wait for a reply | no idling after being helped | Report spam to #spamfix'
03[11:52] * Set by takbud!dubkat@oxy.moron on Sat Jul 04 11:28:47
01[11:52] <swaccy> what was that for oz?
[11:52] #chanfix Cannot send to channel
[11:52] <@orange> i think i've done more kills in the last hour, than in the last year.
02[11:53] * swaccy (moo@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Session Close: Sat Jul 04 11:53:07 2009

Session Start: Sat Jul 04 11:54:47 2009
Session Ident: #chanfix
03[11:54] * Now talking in #chanfix
03[11:54] * Topic is 'FAQ: - Read the FAQ - State channel and problem - wait for a reply | no idling after being helped | Report spam to #spamfix'
03[11:54] * Set by takbud!dubkat@oxy.moron on Sat Jul 04 11:26:26
[11:54] <@oz> changed*
01[11:54] <swaccy> wtf is going on?!?
[11:54] <@oz> problem or just here to flood us?
01[11:54] <swaccy> why am i getting killed!?
[11:55] <@orange> ... the opers are getting restless. tell us what channel you managed to lose ops in.
[11:55] <@oz> do you have a channel related problem
[11:55] <@oz> or feel like feeding hate propaganda?
01[11:55] <swaccy> oz why the hell did you killed me without any reason!?!?
[11:56] <@orange> ... last chance. state your major malfucntion
01[11:56] <swaccy> my question is, why i got killed without any reason?
02[11:56] * swaccy (moo@ Quit (Connection closed)
Session Close: Sat Jul 04 11:56:28 2009

After that I decided to PM orange and ask him if there's an email where I can report such oper abuse, and yet he also was very rude:

<swaccy> orange ..
<orange> WHAT
<swaccy> is there an email where i can report such abuse?
<swaccy> why you are talking like that with me? did i do something wrong?
<orange> i'm busy. thats why. you joined chanfix, wouldn't tell us what channel you want fixed. you're wasting my time.

As you see, orange also was trying to 'fake any reasons' instead of saying (sorry for /killed ='ing you without any reason) saying I didnt ask when I first joined #chanfix and yet they didnt even give me a chance to ask, because oz killed me immediately after joining as you see in the logs.

Appreantly oz was thinking I was one of those flooders who was flooding #Help and some other channels in the same time. And he couldnt differntiate between a flooder and an innocent user who needs some help. And yet this isnt the issue. The problem is when I came back he didnt even apologize and I am sure he figured out that he was wrong for killing me.

I know maybe those opers wont get their status removed for doing something like this (because they still have power and admins simply dont care). I have decided to post what happened to everyone when I knew there isnt an email to report an oper abuse. And no, I am not a drama queen. I just do care about the network which I have spent good times in.

Thats all I can do about it.
Thanks and sorry to bother you reading all these.

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Re: IRC Operator abuse

Postby phisher1 » Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:50 pm


The EFnet forums aren't really the place for those kinds of reports. Next time, although hopefully there won't be a next time, you can /admin and it will supply a email address that can be used to contact a server admin.


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