BladeX, the oldest packet kiddie on EFNet

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BladeX, the oldest packet kiddie on EFNet

Postby atawmic » Sat May 01, 2010 12:00 am

Hey BladeX,

It's pretty sad to see someone like you, still around... still doing this shit, 15 years later. It was one thing when we were all teenagers, it's another when you realize the financial repercussion and continue to do so. Oh, and threatening real life stuff also. Grow up, bro.

21:51 -!- Irssi: Starting query in blessed with BladeX
21:51 <BladeX> emoqueer. :)
Day changed to 30 Apr 2010
16:27 <BladeX> you want jason's little vps to get some more ddos? lol
16:29 -!- BladeX []
16:29 -!- ircname : BOOM! HEADSHOT! FUCK!@#$!@#!
16:29 -!- channels : @#50.channels.1.cup #dangerous #I_TAKE_IRC_SERIOUSLY +#slickdeals @+#shells @#facebook
@#idle @#bsd
16:29 -!- server : [Server Central Network]
16:29 -!- away : get used to the crew bitch!
16:29 -!- End of WHOIS
16:31 <atomic__> you know what, you're the bitch who continues doing it
16:31 -!- BladeX is away: get used to the crew bitch!
16:31 <atomic__> get a little butt hurt over stupid shit
16:31 <atomic__> pull your i have a small penis so i still fuck with people on irc bullshit somewhere else,
16:32 <BladeX> :)
16:32 <BladeX> get butthurt over some ddos
16:32 <atomic__> there is not enough room in this world or on irc for ignorant assholes like you
16:32 <BladeX> lets meet up
16:32 <BladeX> IRL
16:32 <BladeX> we'll take it off IRC bro!
16:32 <atomic__> you should be gassed
16:32 <BladeX> you wanna?
16:33 <BladeX> you talk a lot of shit for a emotard. back it up.
16:33 <atomic__> oh yeah, lets take it up in real life, no, you know what i do with people like you? i
remove them from my life, i stop interacting with them, not worth time
16:33 <BladeX> well i can't remove you from here, other than ddos
16:33 <atomic__> like i would put more effort into your sorry ass than i possibly had to
16:33 <BladeX> you know the game here.
16:33 <BladeX> retard
16:33 <BladeX> don't act like its a new concept.
16:33 <atomic__> oh, so now you're admiting to being a packet kiddie
16:34 <BladeX> of course i ddos'd you last night
16:34 <BladeX> after you banned me
16:34 <BladeX> 1st time this year probably
16:34 <BladeX> but now i want to ddos your job, and start shit there
16:34 <BladeX> make things interesting!

and after more ranting...

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