What to do if a very unpolite operator comares you with "criminal","looser" and ban you withouth reason (#beginner)

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What to do if a very unpolite operator comares you with "criminal","looser" and ban you withouth reason (#beginner)

Postby Andras » Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:29 pm

I have a problem.
I joined your IRC server and went to chatroom "begginer", becouse I needed some help regarding to use IRC. I wasn't arrogant, or angry or anything , on contrary, I was polite, trying to describe my problem to participants in room.
But there was an user in the chatroom #beginner , username: LilCrazy
He was unpolite with me in front of everyone, but I remained calm and polited. I kindly asked for help.
My problem was that there is a IRC server somewhere for "RAD1O badge" (SDR radio) owners, and I needed to connect to that IRC server and chatroom. Because that server refused my connection with error code 10053, I kindly asked users in room #beginners for help. The server which I should connect used other port and SSL. But the user "LilCrazy" started to write that I'm a "hacker" (because I told him that I got a SDR in this years "CCC hacker conference in Hamburg"). Even when I kindly explained to him that this is a LEGAL conference with 12.000 participants from all world, and "hacking" is not neseserry "evil", that I work for IT security company in Slovenia, my job is to find security holes for customer companies and help to fix them", he maintained his accusations infront of other users that I'm a "hacker"
When I again calmly, kindly asked for help regarding to connect to that server on which I have to connect (there are users of this SDR badge which I got in CCC conference) , he unpolitely told , that "if I post again in this channel I will be banned " (even before, from beginning he was very unpolite, you can check this in log, accused me as "criminal" , calling the 32c3 CCC conference in Hamburg (where 12.000 IT security professionals from all world came) as "gathering bunch of loosers) etc. and even I was polite till the ban, when I writed a polited sentence that "hacking" is not nessesarly evil and I work for It security company, he banned me anyway.
I choose this room "beginner" because I thougt that this is the room for begginers in IRC and I didn't ask HIM for help but said HELLO and than writed my problem and kindly ask for solution. I didn't mention any names of server etc.,I didn't brake any rules, didn't mention any unpolite word, I were kind to him even after he compared me with "criminal","looser". and he said they will "not help me because I'm "a hacker".(just because I mentioned the "hacking conference CCC" - that what it's called.
So please UNBAN me from the room #beginner , and please tell user "LilCrazy" , who you obviously found fit enough to have power of deciding who to kick, ban, etc. (he didn't even just kick me but BAN - for no reason at all) to be AT LEAST A LITTLE LESS UNPOLITE with newcommers, because in our country calling someone "criminal" with no reason is a crime. And in lot of other countries too. But even if it wouldn't be, it's morally, ethically very unresponsibile of him to ban people like he wish, to call unknown persons (I even used my real name Andras and I also told him that this is my REAL name) a "criminal", and he didin't even read what I explained to him but he instead told me that "i should learn to read not only to write" (I readed everything he wrote, but he obviously didn't as he continued to compare me with "criminal hacker", telling others that "i'm hacking" etc. (after I explained my job to him).
In short, sorry for this long letter, just please choose your room operators more carefully and tell them not to be so unpolite, not to acuse people as "criminal" and not to BAN people withouth a reason.

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Andras Kertai , IT security specialist for ****(censored) d.o.o. , Slovenia
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Re: What to do if a very unpolite operator comares you with "criminal","looser" and ban you withouth reason (#beginner)

Postby Handle With Care » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:22 pm

There are several problems here:

1) There is no such oper as LilCrazy on EFnet.
2) Any channel op can ban anyone in that channel for any reason or for no reason.
3) We have no control over individual channel operations.
4) Most channel bans are only temporary and the one on that channel is most likely gone by now.
5) Your question is more properly asked in #irchelp.
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