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Server to Server protocol

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 1:41 am
by Damien

greets with the new site and forum (is that my name with the first topic? :P) - anyway...

i've looked around for some docs (mostly RFCs) on Server>Server (creating a service) for hybrid (hybrid-6.3.1(20020418_1)) and found some docs on (

i'm wondering if anyone has any further resources? such as the equivilent of Undernet's IRC Deamon 2.10.10+ (P10 Protocol) in hybrid - if there is such a thing.

any help is much welcomed - with hugs and kisses :)


Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 4:11 am
by Hwy
There is very little documentation on the TSora protocol used on "efnet" ircd's. You cannot use another protocol's services on it without heavy modification.

To start, read for the basic TSora protocol we all use.

Then read for the changes between TS3 (what was the standard before about the middle of last year) and TS5, which is the current EFnet mandated standard.

For specifics of the various protocol commands, you will unfortunately have to read the source of one of the ircd's used on EFnet. for ircd-hybrid 7, for ircd-hybrid 6, for ircd-ratbox, and for csircd.

Note that some of these servers have documentation in their doc directories describing some of the protocol extensions they use. These documents will help you as well.

Another source of protocol information is looking at the source of an existing services program that supports the TSora protocol. I maintain links to the publically available ones at

Also note RFC 2810-2813 are IRCnet specific. They do not describe EFnet's protocol's and are therefore not valid for what you are intending to do.

Good luck.

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 8:59 pm
by Damien
Hi Hwy,

Thankyou very much for the detailed responce and time taken to collect a the resources you did.

Much appriated.



Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 4:25 pm
by Rejected
I dont suggest running services on stock hybrid as there is no x/u lines to prevent opers doing kill on a service but if you require some example code we use to link services with hybrid7.2.0 with modified source just send me a message on EfNet