Most popular irc server software

Discussion of EFnet's IRCDs (hybrid, ratbox, csircd)

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Most popular irc server software

Postby 0versight » Wed Jun 30, 2004 10:45 am

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Postby slushey » Mon Jul 05, 2004 2:10 pm

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Postby Hwy » Mon Jul 05, 2004 7:02 pm

From my findings (maintaining the and writing IRC services programs), I've come across the following "statistics":

csircd ( is something totally different) is rarely used on non-EFnet networks. I personally run an instance of it on an ircd/services test network, but I would not personally use csircd in a production environment.

Hybrid 7 and ircd-ratbox have a fairly even share of non-EFnet networks, with the larger networks and the EU networks (minus Bulgaria) gravitating towards Hybrid, and the smaller networks and most of the Bulgarian networks using ratbox. A number of these networks use modified versions.

Hybrid 6 is truthfully a different ircd than Hybrid 7. The name is the same but much else is different. There are still a few networks who remain using Hybrid 6 and modifications.

Also remember that ircd-ratbox is much newer than Hybrid or csircd, so the name is less known to networks outside of EFnet.

If you wish a more objective opinion, or wish to look at things yourself, the following sites can help.

(when it was up) allowed you to search according to ircd versions, and this, as well as browsing the server lists on is a good way of seeing "statistics" on what other networks use. refuses to include ircd information in their site, so don't bother looking there for finding servers running Hybrid/ratbox/etc.

Browsing the above sites could help you gauge the popularity of the various servers, but as with everything, remember that they are skewed. There are many networks not listed on any of the IRC search sites, and there are many networks who change the name of their ircd, making it harder to tell (without connecting to a server on that network) what specifically they are running. There are also networks who change ircd's frequently.

Browsing message boards where networks announce news or look for links can also help (and will include some of the smaller networks not listed in xgoogle, searchirc, or Two fairly useful ones are and . Note that you will have to pass over hundreds of posts about unreal and bahamut networks to get to the ones using an EFnet/TSora protocol ircd.

It could be interesting to ask those networks WHY they chose the ircd they did, but I don't think the EFnet forum is the best place for it.

Postby seiki » Fri Jul 23, 2004 4:17 pm

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Postby Hwy » Fri Jul 23, 2004 4:26 pm


Postby seiki » Fri Jul 23, 2004 4:27 pm

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Re: Most popular irc server software

Postby Kiryu » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:28 am

It's been my experience that the most popular is Unrealircd.
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Re: Most popular irc server software

Postby prz » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:04 am

I have admined numerous ircd servers over the past 12 years, and my favorite of the past was Bahamut (personally.)

I have used (to name a few): Dreamforge, Bahamut, Ratbox, Hybrid, Unreal, CS-IRCD, Charybdis, etc... (many, many more smaller ircd's too).

Bahamut was my favorite when it first came along, following the demise of DALnet's then ircd, DreamForge. However, as of recent times, Bahamut is far too outdated.
Things are being worked on (SSL Support, IPv6 Support, etc...) to help modernize the ircd, but until then I have moved on to Charybdis.

If Bahamut updates (which I know it is), as SSL support is now complete and being utilized on test networks successfully, it may gain back as my favorite to use as an Admin.

But until then, for me, I like Charybdis. Plenty of options you can enable/disable, that are actually useful. It's well coded. Slightly complicated to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can be useful.
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