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Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2004 8:17 am
by 0versight
Does hybrid, ratbox or cs have any problem running on Solaris 10 or 9?

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2004 11:49 am
by Hwy
Hybrid 6, Hybrid 7, and ircd-ratbox all function perfectly fine on Solaris. I've done development on all of these ircd's on a Solaris workstation, and I noticed no problems with any of the release versions.

Also note that if you use either of the two more advanced daemons, you can use /dev/poll to vastly speed it up. See ./configure --help or INSTALL for more information.


Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:09 pm
by emad.moursy
We tried to install Hybrid 7 on a Solaris. We keep ketting CPU errors.
Any idea why?!


Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:07 am
by au-
What do the logs say?


Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:56 pm
by avarrin
yea... ive never had problem with any of the ircds on solaris either. please post your error log.