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Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 4:29 pm
by HM2K
Hehe, that isn't trance, more like hardhouse or such, where the must contains sirons and such, but yeah, usually if you see a fire you leave the building though... so I doubt it affects people that much ;)

It always shows your a good person, if you have a preferance in music, but can appreciate other peoples music, I think anyway... hehe. Apart from if you listen to R&B, in which case you can DIE, not really, just listening to something else will do :)


Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2003 3:30 am
by orange1
that's my vote!

that or secret agent spy music

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2003 3:33 am
by prefect
orange1 wrote:
that's my vote!

that or secret agent spy music
My music-taste > *

Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 12:14 am
by Isonaught
Jon wrote:How can you not of listed alternative ?
Correct usage is {how} could {you}.
Correct usage is {not} have {listed}.

My choices (not that many people care) would be:

Punk. (pre-americanization)
Avante Garde.
Drum and Bass/Jungle.
Twisted Triphop.

I especially like Panacea for being scary. Aphex Twin for being good in places (especially his selected ambient works albums). Dev.79 for being twisted and trippy. And last but not least, Subject Matter (who are now better known as Total Science), for being among one my top ten 12" 45s (vinyls).

My Musical Preference

Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 3:39 am
by Novartza
My Musical preferences are:
Rock, Pop, Classical, Israeli, Hassidic

(Examples: [list]Rock - From the Beatles to David Bowie
Pop - From Dido to Natalia Oreiro
Classical - From Mozart to Stravinsky
Israeli - David Broza, Shlomo Artzi, Rita, etc.
Hassidic - R.Shlomo Carlebach, MBD, Avraham Fried)

I hate Jazz, Trance, Rap, Metall, etc.
(With a few exceptions)

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 8:56 pm
by Copyman
I'm listening to trance mostly, but I also like to listen to the regular top40 music. Hip-hop will do either, but trance mostly. :)

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 2:38 pm
by heethen
I am into metal mostly, but I also like ambient, folk, and classical music, along with some trance.

I used to hate metal until I heard the song "Wolverine Blues" by Entombed. I've been a metalhead ever since hearing that song.

Now I'm into black metal, and I'd have to say it was the song "Carnage" by Mayhem that got me into that genre. From black metal, I got into folk music through songs by Finntroll, classical from Peccatum, and ambient particularly from the song "Channels the Power of Souls Into a New God" by Burzum. I got into trance, rave music from the black metal band Aborym which incorporates those styles into their music, I'd suggest checking out the Aborym song "Chernobyl Generation" to all you techno fans, worth a download.

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 3:34 am
by hatman
im a big fan of dave matthews myself