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firewall issues

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:14 am
by JayB

Most irc servers connect by using port 6667. The firewall doesn't allow 1024+ to be used.

Is it possible to bypass this problem by letting the irc server sending all the data using port 80? (which is used for navigating the web if i'm correct)


Is it possible to easy see which ports the firewall accepts and which ports the firewall blocks (doesn't let through)?


Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 11:30 am
by qurve
Last time I checked (now allows connections to port 80, however you may not be able to access the server depending on where you are from in the world.

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 10:30 am
by JayB
oh damn, doesn't work.
I just wanted to run mirc here on work actually ehehe ;)

Any other suggestions m8?

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 12:29 pm
by munky
most servers will list their ports in /motd

if none of them will work for you, you can use an ssh tunnel.
either use a shell servers' ssh, run ssh at home, or have a friend run an ssh server (the latter 2 are easier to have configured for port 80).
install some form of openssh client (or other ssh that supports this feature). i use cygwin, which comes with openssh.
type something like the following:
ssh -D 500 -p 80 -l username
and enter your password.

now, set up your IRC client to use SOCKS4 proxy at localhost:500. this also has the added feature that work can't sniff your IRC traffic

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2003 5:10 am
by Iron-Maiden
Why proxy server is unallowed eh? I alway have - AKILL - when using proxy you know why?

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2003 2:12 pm
by munky
Iron-Maiden wrote:Why proxy server is unallowed eh? I alway have - AKILL - when using proxy you know why?
open proxies are not allowed because of security purposes, closed proxies are just fine.

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 12:18 pm
by clunked
Trying to use irc to port 80 from work often means passing through a http proxy/cache/filter, irc data gets consigned to oblivion through these.

In my case, the company firewall allows outgoing telnet through something called a "raptor proxy" (why i dont know), SSH works through this back home though :D

Your best bet is to use the web client that seiki put up.