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Coming Soon...

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 3:09 pm
by Pills
I know, I know, you've all heard it before about how we're going to be improving the site, blah blah blah. However, with qurve actively coding, we've obviously made leaps and bounds over the last few weeks.

We will have a documents/articles section (or sections, I'm unsure), which will include the brand new, updated for 2003 opermyth document detailing exactly what we can and can't do. We have to get the FAQ over here, which I have to update anyway.

We're likely going to have a software page with links to the client pages and IRCD pages among other things. The server page is up, but will be improved to be like the old one with even more information.

All in all, we have a lot of plans for this site, some of which I can't discuss yet. I hope you all enjoy. If you have any suggestions, you can either make a post in this section (or this thread, even), or contact one of the admins.

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2003 3:40 pm
by Kahr
The site looks very good from what I can see. The only thing that bothered me for like five minutes, was the too-short window the forums had before I found out that I could simply click on the link to have a new window popped up that holds only the forum.

Otherwise, great site! :wink: