sd audio formatting

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sd audio formatting

Postby munky » Thu Sep 08, 2005 5:08 pm

Has anyone ever run into a problem getting RealPlayer to format certain SD cards for SD audio? (Yes, it really hurt to admit that I recently installed RealPlayer to use the SD Audio player...)

I have a 64M card that works perfectly, I can format it, load songs, etc, and it plays in the player (Panasonic SV-SD80). I have a 1G card that I can format the filesystem, put files on it, etc, but I can't "sd audio format" the card in RealPlayer so that I can load songs for the panasonic player.

A few websites have recommended using Panasonic SD Jukebox, but unfortunately, I could only find a japanese download which doesn't install on US_EN Windows. Any other SD Audio manager recommendations would also be welcome.
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