You have a DCC pending,...

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You have a DCC pending,...

Postby pedale » Mon Apr 24, 2006 1:00 pm

I'm quite a noob on EFnet and an user sed me this whenever I try to get something: " You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer." Please could someone explain me what does that exactly mean and HOW DO I DO SET MY CLIENT. PLease cause it's like Chinese to me
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Postby deww » Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:23 pm

I am pasting this from a page I wrote a while back:
Resolving: You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer.

This guide is intended mainly for mIRC users on the EFNet IRC Network and will not have any graphics and the terminology might not be exact or apply to your version of mIRC. I do not use mIRC myself, most of this is from what I've observed over time. I offer no warranties or guarantees with this guide. If you are still not able to get your file(s) after trying the suggestions in this guide, you are on your own. Talk to the person sending you the file.

Keep in mind that a vast majority of the people who get this message are downloading pirated material from compromised machines. If after reading this guide, you still can't get what you want from some hacked file server bot, tough.

Understand that the message you see, "You have a DCC pending..." is not an error message from your IRC client, in this case, mIRC. It is a message send to you by that hacked file serving bot telling you that, hey, I tried to send you a file, but it does not seem that you've connected. It does NOT have any type of intelligence at all, meaning if there's an error between the initial send and your intial connect, it will not know it. It will just keep sending you a notice that you should click accept over and over until the preset time limit is up.

File Type Rejected/Ignored
One of the most common reason you will see this message is because you have DCC ignored enabled. This is the default behaviour of mIRC. It was originally intended to prevent clueless people from clicking on the Accept button for everything people send to them and in return getting infected with viruses and trojans. The idea behind this is good, but it doesn't mean people get smarter, leading to someone asking this very same question at least once everyday which lead to this little write up. To determine if this is your case, click on your Status window in mIRC for the network you are on. It will say "Status: YourNick [+usermodes] on NetworkName (servername:portnumber)" on the title bar. If you see something like file type rejected or ignored, then it is possible you can still fix it. There are two ways to turn off DCC ignore. First way is to type "/DCC ignore off", without the double-quotes, in your input line and press enter. Also you can enter your mIRC options by clicking on Tools -> Options. Under that click on DCC -> Ignore. The easiest and most dangerous is to choose "Disabled" under the Method menu. Feel free to fiddle around with the settings to your liking. Now click OK to save and exit out. Request the DCC send from the hacked fileserver hosting your pirated material AGAIN.

Connect Failed
Another very common error you will see in your status window is that the connect as failed. This can be due to configuration issues from the sender or a firewall issue on either end and it can be on something blocked by the Internet service provider. If you suspect that the issue is on your end such as a software or hardware firewall, consult your firewall's documentation on how to allow it to connect to arbitrary ports besides some common ones like port 80 and 443 for websites. DCC connections uses random ports starting from 1024 and up. mIRC defaults are 1024-5000. This is configured on the sender's end, so there's not much you can do about it to force a specific port as a reciever. A helpful FAQ on IRC and firewalls. If it's not your end, you're pretty much out of luck.

There's no DCCALLOW command on EFNet. EFNet servers do not and probably will not ever have the capability to block dcc sends. DCCALLOW is a little server-side command found on some IRC networks such as DALNet.

But I did all this!
Ok... So you read all of this, and you STILL can't get any files. Or, you swear it worked fine before and you didn't change a damn thing, what does this mean? It most likely means it's the sender's fault. Contact them.

Also check out a "picture" guide to this at:

Additional resources: ... mber=38657
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Postby pedale » Mon Apr 24, 2006 7:07 pm

Thank you for replying....
I checked the "DCC ignore" solution but it was already all right in my settings...
So I guess it comes from my firewalls.
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Postby Handle With Care » Sun Apr 30, 2006 12:43 am

My #mIRCHelp script on the subject reads:

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat medium, not a file-trading network. While some folks have kludged the simple DCC file transfer features into vast (and non-standard, and very possibly illegal) file trading enterprises, all questions about them should be directed to their operators.

Their inability to be easily contacted speaks volumes, and we are not a substitute for them. For a very comprehensive tutorial on IRC and downloading files, visit

This has nothing to do with mIRC. All we can tell you is that you are more likely to get a computer virus or trojan than anything useful. For further information, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

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